About Me

A dreamer chasing dreams into reality. 

My name is MyLy and welcome to my blog! I am definitely a newbie to the blog world and may lack some tech savvyness but through trial and error and the help of some great talents I have a blog to chronicle my steps on trying to build a non profit and to network with you all who share the love for dogs and animals!

I am overall a pretty private person and have my paranoia over the internet.  I have a background in Law Enforcement and Social Work and self disclosure was used with utmost discretion in these fields.  However I wanted to share my steps to help, inspire, learn from others and network and was told blogging is a really good way to do this.  So I swallowed my fears and hesitations and started a blog.

A little bit more about me...I believe the smallest step into positive change will create a better future and progress towards the big picture. Born and raised in MN. I love dogs. Family. Food. Life. Time. And challenges. :) I am learning to love life and appreciate it more. I believe we all have a calling in life, that is more then just a purpose, but a passion for what allows us to keep going in this incredible journey of life. I firmly believe mine is pawing me now-my doggies! Do what I can, how I can, if anything ADVOCATE and learn. :)    I currently live with my wonderful family, which include my two dogs, Jasmine and Leche, my husband, two nieces and my mother.  I am active in my community, work, and live life the best I can.  I am a strong believer in Karma and believe being nice is much better and easier then being not so nice :)

Here I am with one of my friend's sweeties!

 I believe I am tough mentally and physically with two mentally and physically challenging degrees and life experience to go with. Bring it all on I say.  Thank you and hope you will follow me through this adventure!

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