How It All Started...

How it all started...I have always liked animals especially dogs ever since I was little.  I grew up with 3 Chihuahuas from when I was a baby to about 16 years old.  I went years without having a dog companion, recovering from the loss of my childhood dogs.  I didn't want to experience the pain of losing another dog again.  However 3 years ago I was open to being ready to try again and my husband, Jack also wanted a dog.  We adopted our first rescues, Leche and Jasmine.  Jack and I adopted them from Wags and Whiskers rescue in MN when they were 8 weeks old.  They are Pit Bull/German Shepard mix pups.  I started to do more research on their breeds and knew that I had to adopt them even more because the breed was so misunderstood and I wanted to support them!
When we met Leche and Jasmine we immediately fell in love with them-they have adopted us.  I knew then on March 12, 2009 that my heart belonged to them!  We were at the foster's home and I wanted to take all 9 pups that were there home with me.  Sadly we couldn't, we decided we would either be able to adopt Douglas (now Leche) or Pickles (now Jasmine).  The two played with us, sat by us and even showed off their potty training skills by using the puppy pads and the other going outside from the doggie door to go potty!  I had Jack make the decision because I just could not choose.  We went home and later that week Douglas was brought to us.  One of the happiest days of my life!  After that I kept thinking about Pickles.  What about her?  I bonded with her and she sat right next to me and had her ears down as if to look at me and say "Hi are you my new mommy, may I go home with you?".  We called Wags back and asked if we could adopt Pickles as well.  We drove to get her with Douglas.  I was SO happy I could not wait to see her again.  I knew we weren't a complete family until she was with us.  She by the way was the runt of the litter.  We took them both home and the rest is history. 
 Leche and Jasmine have brought so much joy to our lives and has inspired me to want to rescue and help other dogs whenever I can.  Since then we have fostered dogs and anytime I see a stray I can not turn away, I have to help him/her however I can.  Having Leche and Jasmine I can honestly say has changed my life, has made me happier, and has helped me appreciate these beautiful creatures more.  I believe they are the best; so forgiving, loyal, happy, love unconditionally and of course oh so cute!  They truly put a smile on my face, heart and soul!  If only it was a dog's world, we humans could learn a thing or two from them.  To my inspirations, Leche and Jasmine!

Jasmine and Leche when they were pups

Jasmine in the car on the way home!

Leche on the way home!

                                                  They are inseparable
                                                Leche when he was a puppy....

                                             Jasmine when she was a puppy....


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