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All dog lovers have been there… you have a dog (or a couple) and are looking to add to your fur family. If you’re anything like me, emotion always plays apart in this decision. It is often hard to think so rationally when you see an adorable puppy (no matter the age, they’re all puppies). Now that I have 3 of my own, I have actually learned a lot about adding another fur baby.
First, it’s vital to think about your current dogs and all other pets as well. From their personalities, temperament, how they interact with people and dogs, how they act around feeding times, etc. This can all be important to determine the best match for your household.
Maybe the most important part of adding to your family is knowing that all family members, both pets and human, are in agreement. There is nothing worse than having the stress of a new member wearing on someone who wasn’t on board. If you have a cat who isn’t dog friendly, it is not fair to throw their life and routine upside down.
Next is lifestyle. While dogs often do not hold all the traits of their breed, most can hold true. Matching your active style to the dog can be very important to both the balance of the dog, and the owner’s happiness. It is extremely easy to fall in love with an active hunting dog, but if you and your family do not live that lifestyle, natural traits of the dog can become difficult to deal with in a home. Be honest with yourself about the type of lifestyle you live and research breeds online.
Your current pets and their personalities are also very important. When I added my 2nd dog, changes had to be made to how my oldest dog eats. It was a tough transition, but we found a good personality fit in a dog for her. They’re now on a schedule feeding due to her younger sister, but it’s important to know that changes will have to happen.

Ideally, the goal is to match a dog to your family. There are several rescue pups that are looking for their forever home. We suggest doing your research and finding a rescue group to help you in the process of adopting your new family member. Most rescues will also want current pets to meet, which is where you can truly determine if it’s a good fit. If you go to a shelter, be aware of the dog’s energy and ask if you can bring a current pet to meet. At the end of the day, everyone wants it to be the right fit and not one based solely on emotion. 

Here's our board member, Lauren's 3 cute furbabies:

Big thanks to our guest writer-Lauren Thewes-Board Member for a wonderful blog on adding a new family member.

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Really beautiful - and isn't darling Hamish good the way he is just sitting and hoping they begin to like him.

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