Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Rather Be with My Dog, Really?

Posted by MyLy M at Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Hello everyone! :)

Have we met?  My name is MyLy.  Me then: I am an introvert at heart.  I tend to keep to myself quite a bit, prefer to stay home with the furbabies, enjoy my alone time, love working on what I love and am happy to do it alone, and of course would rather be with my dog then anyone else.  And I mean anyone.  People would say she's got be with her dog only.  Say what?

Me now:  I am still an introvert, however with the birth of D.O.G.S. I have a little more extrovert in me.  See: an outgoing person.  I enjoy my introverted side, no doubt, but I also embrace a new side of me.  A butterfly that wants to meet others with similar interests in helping animals, meeting new friends, partners, supporters, and animal lovers.  It is actually really fun.  If it wasn't for Dogs Of A Good Society, I would not have the chance to meet amazing rescue heroes, rescue supporters, and most everyone on the board of D.O.G.S.  I have gained some wonderful friendships, partnerships, and a new sense of me and on going.

So, sometimes it's good to go outside of your comfort zone and learn something new about yourself through something that speaks to your heart.  Try it, you might like it.  I know I do. 

Hi, have we met?  I'm MyLy and I go wherever D.O.G.S. takes me.  It may be scary, it may be a bit crazy??  It may be a risk.  Some may call me a 'dog lady', but really what's the negative in that???  As long as it's positive, makes me smile, and I get to try to be the person my dog already thinks I am.  Why not?  

Until next time,

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